Dr.A.MATHAVAN is the first interventional cardiologist to perform an emergency angioplasty and stenting (emergency balloon angioplasty) on June 26, 2000, on a young patient at Apollo Hospital, Madurai, India.

He pioneered cardiac interventional practice along with colleagues at Apollo Hospital, at a time when there were no cath labs in south and east Tamil Nadu, covering 22 districts.



17 years of experience in interventional cardiology.

First interventional cardiologist to perform Emergency angioplasty and stenting in south and east Tamilnadu.

Performed more than 10,000 coronary invasive and interventional procedures.

Doing complex angioplasty procedures such as rotablation stenting, bifurcation stenting, CTO stenting and primary angioplasties.

Conducted Live workshops and transmissions of complex procedures.

Research project with Dr. Bernard Lown MAPCHES which analysed health status of 1500 physicians. 

Presented in World congress of cardiology in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 21st May 2008.


Dr.A.Mathavan is currently the Director of Cardiology and Cath Labs at Velammal Medical College and Research Institute, Madurai. Formerly; he was Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals. With 17 years of experience, he has performed more than 10,000 coronary invasive and interventional procedures. He moved out of Apollo group of hospitals after serving for 28 years and took over as Founding Director of interventional cardiology in the present institution from March 25, 2015.

He has reduced delays for primary PCI (emergency angioplasties) by using mobile technology to transmit ECG recordings from peripheral hospitals and clinics and to make quick diagnosis and decision for revascularization strategies. This has helped in saving lives of people in remote areas where specialist cardiac care is not available. Patients who cannot reach tertiary centers after heart attack can go for pharmaco invasive therapy through “physician connect” programme, which enables peripheral physian to give clot buster injections without wasting time.

He has special interest in intravascular Imaging and rotational atherectomy to treat more complex angioplasty cases and is actively involved in teaching. Dr. Mathavan also participates in interventional meetings in national and international conferences and performs live procedures.

He was involved in a research project with Dr. Bernard Lown, renowned cardiologist from Boston and a Noble laureate. The collaborative study, MAPCHES, analysed health status of 1500 physicians and the findings were presented in the World Congress of Cardiology in Buenos Aireson May 21, 2008.The study was published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2009 May; 25(5):303-8.He is currently involved in another research project, “Ladanendal Heart Study,” involving 1000 people from rural areas.

Born in Srivilliputtur, Dr.A.Mathavan went to Hindu High School and graduated from Madurai Medical College.  He is passionate about ’CLEAN INDIA GREAT INDIA’ concept. He is a supporter of linking of rivers, organic farming and eradication of Juliflora. He is concerned about loss of lives in preventable road accidents.