In the last 15 days I saw 3 young ladies with heart attacks.Age group………guess     60+  or 70+……

Sorry to say  they are all between 30 to 40 years age.

All  are diabetics……….

All of them had vague symptoms…..

All are with normal menstruating   (mensuration is protection against heart diseases)

When I I did coronary angiogram they all had severe Three vessel blocks.

Is it acceptable? Or Expectable?

Unfortunately this may happen very commonly in Asians.

Please look for family history

If  father  r or mother has had heart attack or Premature death, screen for RISK FACTORS such as Diabetes high BP High cholesterol.

Now every hospital has master health check up programmes. Spend a day

Premature heart attacks  and  strokes are common in our country. The pathetic  situation is they don’t  grab the symptoms early .most of them come very late to the hospital.8 hrs. later 24 hrs. later or even 1week later.

When they come we cant do much because by the time the after few hours heart muscles damage irrepairably. We can prevent 2nd heart attack .

Therefore Golden hour treatment will only give better long term longevity.

Prevention of premature events and deaths  needs detailed education to the public and primary care physicians.

We have some solutions which needs marathon planning. We just need to work with public and primary care physicians. There is no point in boasting that we as super specialist do complex angioplasties  and on.

We need to reach out to the public.

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