The answer is….

Not only heart diseases also for diabetics.

Every 2 in 3 information technology (IT) professionals working with software companies are at the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
This is really shocking
But this is true as per one study conducted in Pune…
A study carried out by the diabetes unit at KEM hospital and on-site healthcare providers have found that nearly 60% participants had more than three risk factors in terms of excessive body weight, high waist circumference, high cholesterol, high blood pressure among others that increase their likelihood of developing diabetes.
Notably, most participants were unaware of these underlying risk factors.

The participants also improved on health parameters when they were educated about lifestyle modification and were followed up regularly via mobile SMS and emails throughout the duration of the study.

“Work environment in the IT sector exposes employees to erratic eating habits, lack of physical activity and stressful job commitments. That’s why there is a high burden of risk factors for diabetes and heart diseases seen in young Indian IT employees. With the IT sector continuing to grow in India, raising awareness and scaling up lifestyle modification programmes at the workplace may be an effective public health measures.

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