As you enter Coimbatore from Trissur   from  Madukarai onwards you will see widespread   seemakaruvel trees  (julifora prosopis).Samething as  you  enter  from any neighbouring states  to Tamilnau abruptly  semakaruvel  hugs the state    Be it .sengottai, Tiruthani, cumbum  or  name any border town or village  of the thestate.                                Problem faced by citizens and farmers is fight with nature which is testing land wealth. You can imagine. Seema Karuvelam maram is a big worry for any people in the society. If you visit  kerala from thiruvanthapuram to kasargode, you can not see any Seema Karuvelam maram.That is why kerala is looking good and able to see as gods own country.Even in karnata  I have not seen this tree.

  • Seema Karuvelam tree absorbs as much as four litres of water to produce one kg of biomass. The species is also known to germinate very fast and it spreads easily as a weed.
  • It never shelters birds because they produce less oxygen but emits more carbon dioxide. It also affects soil nutrients. It makes it surrounding droughty.This has made our state more Draugtier and woret thing we are going to face without water in very near future.
  • If there is no rain it starts absorbing underground water.
  • If there is no under ground water they absorb the humidity(the amount of water vapour in the air) from the air surrounding it. We never use these trees’ products, moreover its roots change the ground water poisonous.
  • The Madras High Court bench has ordered eradication of Seema Karuvelam trees from Tamil Nadu few years back but I don’t see any change.
  • Known asProsopis Juliflora all around the world, the plant has been originally brought to Tamil Nadu from Africa as a rich source of firewood in the 1960s. But, the tree over past 50 years has proved to be a bane for the ecology and environment of the state.
  • While the plant has proved to be a deterrent for the soil and the water resources, it has also increased the heat, providing its bit in the climate change and global warming.
  • The plant absorb the water and nutrients from the soil, resulting in groundwater depletion. In absence of the groundwater, it absorbs humidity from the air which affects the atmosphere.”
  • the plant is more of a problem to the environment, health and wildlife than a provider. “The plant emits a great amount of carbon dioxide in the air and produces oxygen at a slow rate. This prevents the wildlife (especially the birds from building nests) in and around the area surrounding the plant. The recent researches prove that the poisonous plant releases harmful toxins in the soil, making it unfit for cultivation,”
  • Spreading across 5,000 hectares of land along the southern states, the estimated budget for the removal of this alien species is likely to cross Rs. 1000 crore while only around Rs. 120 crore can be compensated by selling them in the markets
  • WhileSeemai Karuvalem can only be used as fuelwood, its benefits are nearly negligible. . Villagers are unaware of the risks of this plant.
  • Let us join united to Eradicate this silent killer of our Envirement.
  • Otherwise Tamilnadu will be adesert.

Someone sitting in the shade because someone planted aTree long time ago. Warren Bufffet