Regular exercises such as walking ,jogging, running,swimming,and dancing  are good, not only for the  heart, also for the entire body as such (Aerobic exercises)

The key is REGULARITY (at least 4 days a week).consistency is important for the success.

One should exercise to the extent that his or her heart beats around 130 per minute average for at least 20 minutes a day roughly (depends on the age)Therefore one should know how to count his or her pulse rate themselves.

What really happens to the body while exercising?

  • More oxygen is taken by the blood and muscles are well oxygenated.
  • Lungs expand fully to its capacity.

Does it do well?   Yes……

  • As one exercises regularly the demand of oxygen is reduced for the heart for the given level of exercise, which is helpful for heart patients.
  • Over the period of time the blood pressure (HYPERTENSION) comes down.
  • Blood sugar comes down. In Some cases it prevents DIABETES in Future
  • Bad cholesterol reduces and good cholesterol improves in the blood.
  • Obesity can be avoided.

If you don’t have place or facility for aforementioned exercises, you may use treadmill or Elliptical at home or gyms for fitness.

What about weight lifting (Isometric exercises)?

  • They are mainly for body building and strength, but can be dangerous.
  • But using low weights, high repetitions (mixture of aerobic and isometric) under supervision is good.
  • But one must involve upper body, lower body and Abdomen .That show core muscles get strengthened.

Some tips:

  • Start gradually. Increase with slow increments.
  • Do not push yourself hard.
  • Do not hold breath for a long time.
  • As one does exercise slowly and gradually increasing the intensity, the Endurance increases.
  • Get a t good trainer before indulging in fitness programme, also get a medical opinion.
  • Low weight isometrics, combined with aerobic exercises are good for heart patients provided if done under supervision.

All the best Beginners….

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