The most disturbing thing in my mind  is in India WE ARE LOOSING  THOUSANDS OF LIVES  WHICH ARE PREVENTABLE.

Let it be heart attack or stroke or road traffic accidents

I will talk about RTA later.

U know one thing?

Heart attack was no 6th killer in the world but in 30 years time it has become no 1 killer. The truth is 90% attacks are preventable.

Simple things to prevent is to practice it since childhood.

1.NO to Fast food. Avoid processed food. DONOT GO BY TV ADVERTISEMENTSS. If  u want to have  burger, parotta  biryani or kari dosai   have it once a  while not routinely.I am not saying don’t eat at all. But take it in moderation.

2. Check blood pressure and blood glucose level. if it is high take treatment. Plenty of medicines are available nowadays. DONOT assume that u r not a diabetic or high BP patient for god sake. They don’t give symptoms until uncontrollable state.

3. Regular aerobic exercises be it walking, jogging, running  workout in gym  mild isometric exercises are always good. Atleast 5 days a week is good enough. If u r a person known for lame excuses buy a treadmil or elliptical at home.

4. Take plenty of vegetables and fruits. At least those should be of 5 different colours. Because each colour has a good thing called anti oxidant. Each antioxidant (color) helps against cancer ageing and heart diseases.

Take millets of different varieties. Eat what ever our grand parents ate.

5. NO TO SMOKING.whatever the form it may be.this is the single most killer of the world.

I see young heart attack patients almost once in 2 days .That too they waste lot of time. They miss so called GOLDEN HOUR. I shall talk to you later about this important topic.

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