Few deceptive symptoms of heart attack

Any Medical student can pick up classical symptoms of heart attack. Why?   a Layman can diagnose…

BUT……. Especially in Diabetics and Elderly can be unaware of symptoms or IT COULD BE DANGEROUSLY DECEPTIVE……

It is very common to see even educated people do this and end up in trouble.

What are those?  From my experience I have Listed following deceptive and but MUST RECOGNISE Symptoms…..

1. Severe Jaw pain which will lead you to seek consultation with a dentist.

Few years back one physician lost his life because of this .He actually had heart attack by the manifestation of jaw pain and went to dentist but ultimately collapsed. Two weeks earlier he was talking to me about some vague discomfort for which I had suggested heart check evaluation and suggested heart check.But unfortunately in 2weeks time this happened.

2. Gastritis…ulcer problem …usually patients themselves diagnose and take antacids gelusil…after not getting relief come to the doctor.By the time it’s too late… is acute myocardial infarction.

Sorry to say this!  even our colleagues at periphery sometimes ignore as simple stomach upset without even taking ECG

Let me warn you the commonest error happens here.Please ask your doctor to take serial ECGs

3. Sore throat discomfort. 

4. Some common complaints. But I take these seriously. FOLLOWING ARE THOSE ’ not feeling well’ ………….. ‘ Longing for air’ ………. ‘something wrong’ …… ‘ I don’t know how to explain’   ‘Not able to lie down’ …….’belching’  ….’especially after food or during walking’ …..

In my opinion 

These are very deceptive symptoms needs evaluation.
Remember ….. heart pain could be from lower jaw to umbilicus.

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  1. Doctor I myself a cardiac patient, and I have experienced all the symptoms during angina, so I advise all my friends to be careful with this kind of symptoms. Varadarajan


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