Vision to serve the Nation

Hey, this is Venkatesh Karthikeyan from Velammal Medical College, Madurai.venkatesh

I feel blessed and extremely happy to be a part of this marvellous field.

For me, entering a medical school is like a dream come true. I am aware that this has become possible not only because of my efforts, but also because of huge contribution from the society.

Doctors are those who dedicate their knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of disease, maintain and enhance human health. They are considered to be “Gods” on earth. They are given the power to handle life and with great power, come great responsibility.

But nowadays, we are seeing more instances of violence towards doctors. There are also a large number of medical negligence cases which are proven to be incorrect. The respect that people give to doctors is gradually declining.

Despite all these difficulties, it is our moral responsibility to serve the people, considering each and every patient as our own kith and kin. It is our duty to take correct professional decisions amidst all sorts of pressure. We should infuse courage in patients by the love we show towards them.

Venkatesh Karthikeyan,

III year MBBS,

Velammal Medical College.

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